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EFETnet electronic Regulatory Reporting wins Excellence in Risk Mitigation 2016 at the Commodity Business Awards


EFETnet’s electronic Regulatory Reporting solution has won the Commodity Business Award in the category “Excellence in Risk Mitigations”. In addition to 2012 and 2014 EFETnet takes their third award home. We are very proud to receive this recognition from the market says Hugh Brunswick, Managing Director of EFETnet.

EFETnet eRR is the European energy trading industry’s preferred solution for meeting regulatory reporting obligations.

Live since 2012, eRR provides a single universal interface for reporting regulatory data independent of regulation, jurisdiction or reporting destination. The first regimes to be addressed were ODRF (2012), Dodd-Franck (2013), and EMIR (2014) and in October 2015 eRR became a Registered Reporting Mechanism (RRM)  under REMIT providing reporting services both to Market Participants (MP) and to Organised Market Places (OMP). eRR is now the largest independent RRM reporting for the majority of OMPs and enabling more than 4,000 MPs to report, monitor and track their REMIT reporting process in a single place.

In 2016 EFETnet extended eRR to include REMIT phase 2 and to support Swiss MPs reporting to ElCom, demonstrating that eRR is a one stop shop for regulatory reporting for the whole European energy trading market. eRR is now being updated to address changes to the EMIR RTS that will go live in November 2017 and eRR is being extended to address reporting obligations of MPs under MiFID II (1st Jan 2018) and FinFRAG (September 2017).

“We would like to thank all the people who voted for eRR and the Commodity Business Award team for the recognition” adds Hugh Brunswick.